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Platform DPC is a digital marketing agency that initially started serving realtor clients (of all things) but has since found great success in the emerging industry of Direct Primary Care (DPC). As a team of passionate marketers who believe in the DPC model, we are dedicated to helping clinics grow their business online. We work closely with our clients to create customized marketing strategies that align with their business goals and attract the right patients to their clinic.

Our team

Tim Chermak


Andrew Madsen

Director of Client Success

Bella Shortt

Director of Advertising

Andrew Chermak

General Manager

Max Rymer

Chief Marketing Officer

Diana Page


Karly Peterson

Account Manager

Jordan Morton

Account Manager

Jaclyn Hauser

Account Manager

McCall Neiger

Account Manager

Emily Chermak

Account Manager

Josh Garcia

Account Manager

Trinity Arl

Account Manager

Elisheva Hinkle

Account Manager

Lauren Beckfield

Account Manager

Amanda Kerstetter

Account Manager

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